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Solo picture of Rosalina in her appearance for Super Mario Galaxy.
Full name Rosalina
Species Human
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Mario Party Superstars (2021)
Latest portrayal Mercedes Rose (2007-present)
“Do you hear the baby stars? These newborns will grow up to become galaxies someday. When stars die, they turn to stardust and scatter across the cosmos. Eventually, that stardust reforms to create a new star...And so the cycle of life continues. But the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way. So you'll see...”
Rosalina, Super Mario Galaxy

Rosalina is a character who made her debut appearance in the game Super Mario Galaxy. Rosalina first appears in the Gateway Galaxy, and she is also the adopted mother of the Luma. Rosalina commands the Comet Observatory. She is a very powerful figure, as her duty is to watch over and protect the cosmos as well as the Luma.

Rosalina's back-story is chronicled in a storybook told by her in the Comet Observatory's Library in Super Mario Galaxy. Nine chapters are unlocked throughout the game, and the last is unlocked by completing the game. During the story, Rosalina mentions her home planet as "a blue planet"; Earth is also known by this name, so it is possible Rosalina comes from Earth.


Super Mario Galaxy series

Super Mario Galaxy

Rosalina's appearance in Super Mario Galaxy.

During one of these centennial visits to Mushroom World, the Comet Observatory was attacked by Bowser, who stole the observatory's Power Stars and Grand Stars. Rosalina later appeared to Mario/Luigi after Peach is kidnapped. In order to aid Mario/Luigi she gave him a Luma, the same one seen with Peach at the Star Festival. After Mario/Luigi collected enough stars to power the ship, Rosalina flew the observatory to the center of the universe for the final confrontation with Bowser.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Rosalina and her Lumas in the 2nd ending for Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Rosalina appears during the ending sequence of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Lubba reveals at this time that he and Rosalina had met before, but the details of their meeting remain unknown. Rosalina also frequently sends letters to the Baby Luma that's with Mario, but she does not reveal her identity in them.

When the player manages to get 120 Stars and beats the final boss again, a scene is shown, showing Rosalina and her Lumas in the Library, revealing that she was telling the story of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Then, she decides to narrate how Mario (and Luigi) collect every Green Star to her Lumas. If Mario and Luigi manage to collect every single star in the game, and survive the Grandmaster Galaxy Daredevil Comet run, Rosalina will thank and join the two on the Starship Mario.

Players can also use Rosalina to represent their file on the file select screen. However, the Rosalina avatar can only be used on save files in which the player has collected 120 stars, and unlocked the Green Star Prankster Comets.

This game also features a cosmic entity that highly resembles Rosalina, known as the Cosmic Spirit.

Mario Kart series

Mario Kart Wii

Rosalina's profile artwork for Mario Kart Wii.

Rosalina makes her first playable appearance in Mario Kart Wii, where she is a Large-Sized unlockable character. Rosalina rides in Large karts, and is the first female character to ever be in this class. Rosalina can be unlocked by having a Super Mario Galaxy save file on the player's Wii and racing in 50 races. Alternatively, the player can attain at least 1 Star Rank for all Mirror Grand Prix Cups. While racing, a Luma orbits around Rosalina. Rosalina's racing symbol is a Grand Star. Like Peach and Daisy, Rosalina appears in a biker suit while racing on any of the motorbikes, only that the color scheme is different to the overall color scheme of her main dress. Her signature bike is the Twinkle Star and her signature kart is the Dragonetti. Rosalina is the staff ghost character for Rainbow Road.

Character Description

Main article: Rosalina/Characteristics

Rosalina is a human with teal-blue eyes and platinum-blond hair. She is portrayed to be caring, and has a large association with space.

Rosalina has a very tall frame in terms of other characters. Rosalina appears to have a similar body composition to Peach, though she is taller and is even classified as a Large-Sized character as a result. Rosalina's skin is very light, being a white pale tone. Most of her facial features and structure are similar to Peach's, but not exactly the same. At first glance, it is not easy to notice Rosalina's sharper facial features. She has the same type of lips and nose as Peach, though her mouth has more of a natural frown and a different pink-tone. Her eyes are similar to Peach's as well, but are more slanted and have a blond shade to her lashes rather than black. Like other main human characters, Rosalina has blue eyes, though hers have a noticeably lighter hue.

Rosalina's hair is depicted as a platinum-blonde, a much lighter blond than Peach's yellow-blond. Rosalina's hair style is very similar to Peach's, as it consists of two separate flips on the sides in the same shape. Unlike Peach's hair however, Rosalina's includes one large bang (which covers her right eye completely), two long, straight side-burns and two rows of flips at her shoulder. Continuing from her shoulder is a large single flip down her back.


Rosalina currently appears in a teal dress said to be a color that only exists when the sun peers out of the clouds. Her brooch and crown are silver star shaped accessories. Her earrings are also star shaped, but gold colored. The brooch's jewel is yellow and her crown jewels are pink in the front and back, and blue on the sides. The dress cuts off at the top of her chest, where a light teal flap loops around. The dress has long sleeves with wide openings at the bottom, which are topped with light teal frills. At the bottom of her dress is a unique light teal frill that loops around until turning up to a point at the middle; under this a layer of a white lined under-dress is visible. Rosalina's nail-polish is a light purple. In Super Mario Galaxy, Rosalina holds a silver wand with a golden star at the top. Rosalina has silver dress shoes.

Alternate Outfits

Motorbike Gear

As bikes were a newly added feature to Mario Kart Wii, each human female participant was depicted in a biker suit if riding on any of the bikes. Like Peach and Daisy, Rosalina's biker suit has the same design in general, but with some differences that were still exclusive to her. Rosalina's color pallete for her outfit when riding motorbikes is primarily white and teal. Specific elements were still included to make Rosalina's outfit unique including her star jewelry. Other than that, Rosalina also has her version of the outfit's general design including pairs of biker boots and gloves, and a teal scarf that rests to the side of her chest. A white heart with a teal outline is present on her back; the heart is hidden by her hair unless it is flowing up.


Concept art of Rosalina as seen in the Prima Collector's Edition Strategy Guide.

Although Rosalina's design has not been changed since her debut, when she was originally being created for Super Mario Galaxy, her concept design was vastly different compared to what she looks like now.

She was depicted with a beehive hairstyle along with short, straight-cut bangs, and long, curly ear-tails. She had more unique facial features including eyes with three length-varying lashes as opposed to the facial features she has now which are more similar to Peach's. However, her outfit design was indeed more similar to the other princesses. Having a similar base for her dress aside from unique star-shaped frills coming out of her sleeves similar to Daisy's, and a star-shaped ruffle at the bottom of her dress. Her jewelry was more simple, having a star-shaped brooch, and earrings in the same shape. Instead of a crown she had a tiara with a single star jewel at the center. Her gloves were long, and shaped just like Peach's. She also had a light collar which stretched up the back of her head and it opened at her brooch. Aside from these details it was not clear what colors were intended other than blue tones and lighter colors.

Personality and Traits

Rosalina is generally wise, kind, thoughtful and mother-like. She has an intimate knowledge of the universe and cares deeply for the Lumas. Rosalina is also a friend of Mario and Luigi; towards the end of Galaxy she aids Mario to reach Bowser in order to save Peach. Her outward strength and inner sorrow is most likely due to the loss of her mother, as Rosalina is often described as feeling lonely.

It has also been shown that Rosalina's voice is rather monotone; even when excited. Like most players, Rosalina enjoys special activities, but in a very humble manner.

Powers and Abilities

Rosalina has special powers as seen in Super Mario Galaxy. For example, once sufficient power is restored to the Comet Observatory, Rosalina is able to use her powers to surround the observatory in a force field, transforming it into a starship as a form of transportation. Also, she can be protected by a force field that resembles a bubble. If the player attempts to jump on her, the bubble would appear. Rosalina also has the ability to float in mid-air, just like the Lumas. Referenced by the fact that she visits the Mushroom World every one-hundred years, Rosalina is apparently immortal or has stopped aging. Alternatively, she may in fact age normally. If she is usually traveling through the universe at near light speed then, according to the theory of special relativity, much less time would pass for her than would pass back on the Mushroom World due to time dilation. In this case she may in fact still be a young woman.

Interactions with Other Characters


Luigi, Rosalina, and the Toads posing for a picture.
Main article: Luigi

Rosalina also befriended Luigi who acts just as Mario does in his run-through of Super Mario Galaxy. Luigi tells Mario upon being rescued that he can only have his Power Star if he tells Rosalina that he obtained it for her. Rosalina is also seen alongside Luigi in a secret picture with the Toad Brigade at Peach's Castle that could be obtained upon collecting all 121 power stars with both Mario and Luigi.


Main article: Luma (species)
Rosalina with the Lumas.

One of Rosalina's most notable relationships is with the Lumas. Rosalina has cared for the Lumas since she was a little girl, when she found one looking for its mother. The two quickly bonded and they searched the galaxies together in search of their missing mothers. The Luma comforted her when she cried about her mother and the two soon found more Lumas. Rosalina then decided to build a home for the Lumas and care for them for eternities to come. When Rosalina once again mourned for her mother, all of the Lumas embraced her and together, they baked a cake topped with Star Bits. Rosalina also reads them bedtime stories every night in the Library to help them sleep. One of her most trusted advisors is also the Luma, Polari. A Luma also revolves around her in Mario Kart Wii.


Mario's first encounter with Rosalina.
Main article: Mario

Mario befriended Rosalina during the events of Super Mario Galaxy. When Rosalina was in need of help to recover her lost Grand Stars that power the Comet Observatory, Mario came to her aid. With his help, Rosalina was able to power the Comet Observatory and continue her orbit around the universe. In return for Mario's help, Rosalina helped Mario in his adventure to rescue Princess Peach, by using the Comet Observatory to destroy a fleet of Bowser's airships and transport him to where Peach was being held captive by Bowser. At the end of the adventure, Rosalina appears one more time in front of Mario, and speaks to him about the stars. After that, she bids him goodbye.


Main article: Polari
Polari alongside Rosalina.

Polari is Rosalina's advisor and acts like a father to Rosalina, caring for her very much. Polari always stands by Rosalina's side (except when he's helping Mario).


List of Appearances by Date

Main article: List of Rosalina Appearances

Official Bios and Game Stats

Mario Kart Wii

Rosalina's complete kart roster.
  • Class: Large-sized
  • Stats:
    • Acceleration: */***
    • Top Speed: ***/***
    • Off-Road */***
  • Actual Bonuses
    • Speed: +1
    • Handling: +1
    • Mini-Turbo: +1
  • Game Bio: "Making her debut on the track, Rosalina shows her experience of space travel translates well to rocketing round the race course. With a friendly Luma by her side, Rosalina is right at home on the track!"
  • Guide Bio: "Watching over and protecting the cosmos sure gets tiring! But with Mario's help, Rosalina can spend some time with her new hobby: riding only the biggest, baddest bikes!"


  • "I'll be watching you from beyond the stars." - Super Mario Galaxy
  • "Yes... All new life...Carries the essence of stars... Even all of you..." - Super Mario Galaxy
  • "May the stars shine down on you." - Super Mario Galaxy

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロゼッタ
Rosetta, a type of orbit.
French Harmonie Name with the same meaning as the English word "harmony".
German Rosalina -
Italian Rosalinda Italian word for "rose" combined with the common name "Linda".
Spanish (Americas) Rosalina -
Spanish (Europe) Estela Spanish word for the tail of a comet, and a common name Spanish name.

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