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This article is about the recurring character named "Boom Boom". For information about the overall species also known as "Boom Boom", see here.
Boom Boom

Boom Boom, as he appears in Super Mario 3D Land.
Species Boom Boom
First appearance Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (2021)
Latest portrayal Lani Minella (2011-present)

Boom Boom (sometimes stylized as Boom-Boom or BOOM-BOOM) is one of Bowser's henchmen, and the most well-known member of the Boom Boom species. He is an antagonist in the Mario series and among Mario and Luigi's most persistent foes. Boom Boom first debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3, where he battles Mario or Luigi in fortresses, before the Mario Bros. fight a Koopaling in an airship. Boom Boom then later made his appearance in Super Mario 3D Land as one of the game's main antagonists who often appears in airships, along with his partner Pom Pom. A Prima Guide stated that Boom Boom was a "forgotten Koopaling".


Super Mario series

Super Mario Bros. 3

NES sprite.
Boom Boom fighting Luigi in the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Boom Boom makes his first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES, where he helps Bowser and the Koopalings invade the Mushroom World's seven kingdoms. He appears in the fortresses of each kingdom, fighting Mario and Luigi to prevent them from going any closer to the Koopalings. However, the Mario Bros. prevail, and his fortresses get destroyed thanks to the ? Balls he dropped. After he fails to protect the Koopalings, Boom Boom also appears in many levels in Dark Land; specifically in all the battleships, airships, and tanks - except for the first tank set, which is instead manned by a Boomerang Bro.

In battle, Boom Boom begins by simply walking left and right towards Mario, occasionally crouching down and showing his large spikes, then leaping. After being hit, he either starts to charge and jump very high or flies with his winged arms; the latter strategy first appeared in Desert Hill's first fortress. After a second hit, Boom Boom walks left and right again, but very quickly, possibly as a desperation tactic. After the third hit, he releases a ? Ball, which destroys the fortress Boom Boom is in when Mario or Luigi touch it, and opens a lock or makes a bridge appear elsewhere on the map.

To defeat Boom Boom, Mario has to jump on his head three times to eliminate him, hit him with five fireballs from a Fire Flower, or score five hits with hammers from the Hammer Suit (which he can do with as little as one hammer if his aim was precise enough).

Because of ambiguity in the language used in the instruction manuals of the original Super Mario Bros. 3 and its ports, the player may be fighting a different Boom Boom in each fortress. Additionally, two World-e levels (Swinging Bars of Doom and Kōri no Toride) in Super Mario Advance 4 make the player fight two Boom Booms at once.

Super Mario 3D Land

Boom Boom with Pom Pom in Super Mario 3D Land

After 23 years of absence, Boom Boom makes his return in Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS, along with a new, boomerang-wielding, female partner named Pom Pom. In this game, Boom Boom now has an audible voice for the first time; here, he is portrayed by Lani Minella, who gives him a quite deep voice. In an interview, Koichi Hayashida explained that "when Tanooki Mario appeared, some members of the team wanted to include Boom Boom and the Koopalings. Then we created a type of gameplay where the enemy follows as you run around the room, and we thought this would be interesting, so we used Boom Boom to put it into the game."

Boom Boom and his allies chase after Princess Peach.

Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Bowser, and the Koopa Troop, have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom to kidnap Princess Peach, and took most of the Super Leaves during a storm. Mario received a letter from Bowser, and went after them. After the defeat of the first False Bowser, Boom Boom appears in some airships, where he could encounter and fight his old rival Mario. Like most bosses, Boom Boom can return after each defeat. After he was defeated in World 3, Pom Pom replaced him. Boom Boom was absent throughout the next few worlds.

Princess Peach attempts to escape from Bowser, but Boom Boom and the Koopa Troop chase her down, recapture her, and lock her within a cage. He returns in World 7 and battles Mario in his airship, along with his partner, Pom Pom. Both are defeated, however.

Boom Boom here is much larger (especially his arms) than he was in his previous encounter with Mario and Luigi (where he was roughly the same height as Mario). He no longer appears to have retractable spikes on his shell, which is now red, and has new attacks. In battle Boom Boom spins wildly with his arms and fists to hurt Mario, but if he does this too long, he becomes dizzy and vulnerable. When hit, Boom Boom can also attack by retreating into his large shell and then spinning fast in random directions, in a similar fashion to the Koopalings when they are hit by the player in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. After taking three hits from Mario's stomps, Boom Boom is defeated and will vanish while releasing many coins.

He also appears in the Special Worlds of the game. In Special 8-Crown, Mario fights both Boom Boom and Pom Pom at the same time; however, Boom Boom's spins create flames. When Pom Pom is defeated, the red floor will lower to the ground temporarily. Also, a Boom Boom that requires only one hit to be defeated can appear in the Special Worlds' Mystery Boxes.

The official European and Australian websites refer to both Boom Boom and Pom Pom in the plural sense. Therefore, it's possible that the player is fighting different individuals in each airship, although the Prima guide and the North American website use the singular, and only one Boom Boom or Pom Pom is seen onscreen at any given time.

New Super Mario Bros. U

Main article: Boom Boom (species)#New Super Mario Bros. U

Multiple Boom Booms are present on the overworld of New Super Mario Bros. U at any given time, and whether or not the Boom Boom character is one of these individuals is unknown.

Super Mario 3D World

Boom Boom reappears as a boss in Super Mario 3D World. He attacks with the same pattern as seen in Super Mario 3D Land. However, he now has the ability to turn invisible. He is fought in World 2, World 6, Boss Blitz, and in Mystery House Marathon.

Super Mario Bros. film

In the Super Mario Bros. film, Boom Boom didn't make a physical appearance, but he is referenced: there was a place called the "Boom Boom Bar", which appeared somewhat prominently.

Nintendo Adventure Books

Again, Boom Boom didn't physically appear in the Nintendo Adventure Books, but he was referenced: in Koopa Capers, there was an item called Boom Boom's Socks.

Super Paper Mario

In Super Paper Mario, one of the Sammer Guys that can be fought is named Flailing Boom Boom, which is an apparent reference to Boom Boom and how he would flail his arms around in battle in Super Mario Bros. 3.

General information

Physical Appearance

Boom Boom flailing his arms in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Boom Boom was originally a Koopa with yellow, tan and brown skin, although Super Mario 3D Land brightened his colouration. In the original NES version of Super Mario Bros. 3, Boom Boom in Desert Hill's fortress was coloured gray. He has a rounded snout with two protruding teeth, large legs and padded feet like the Koopalings, and is roughly their height as well. He has long flailing arms and is built like Roy or Morton. His shell originally contained retractable spikes, however in Super Mario 3D Land, it is now a larger, red shell without visible spikes. Boom Boom is also taller, with a larger head and limbs, and can now shake the ground due to his larger size.

Personality and Traits

Boom Boom is Bowser's faithful servant. He is a powerhouse with a short-temper, although his profiles usually point out that he is easily defeated by taking three stomps to the head. Boom Boom can give orders to the Koopa Troop with Bowser, like to capture the fleeing Princess Peach in Super Mario 3D Land.


Boom Boom has unique abilities different from other Koopas. In Super Mario Bros. 3, he is capable of jumping higher, running fast and transforming his arms into wings to fly. He could also enlarge his spikes on his shell. Boom Boom would flail his arms in an attempt to hurt Mario.

In Super Mario 3D Land, Boom Boom displays a mostly new set of abilities. He can now spin with his arms extended, which can create flames; however, the attack will leave him dizzy after a while. He also spins in his shell to attack Mario, similar to the Koopalings. Boom Boom can shake his airship just by stomping the floor or hitting the wall with his spinning shell. In Super Mario 3D World, he can also turn invisible when he spins into his shell after being hit the second time.

Official Profiles

Super Mario Bros. 3

English instruction manual:

  • "The Mini-Fortresses are guarded by Boom Boom, a tough servant of Bowser. When you defeat him you get a magic ball and the Mini-Fortress tumbles to the ground. And the Locked Door gets unlocked."
  • "This is the boss that controls the Mini-Fortresses. Boom Boom hurls himself at Mario with his arms swinging. Mario needs to jump on Boom Boom 3 times to defeat him. Be careful, though, Boom Boom gets quicker every time he gets stomped on."

Super Mario 3D Land

North American website bio:

  • "Cruising for a bruising in Bowser's airships, Boom Boom and Pom Pom wait for you in the lower chamber. They may look tough, but they're both of a pushover-three quick stomps to the head will take them out."

Video Game appearances

Main article: List of Boom Boom Appearances





Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブンブン
Boomboom (「ブン」 bun is an onomatopoeia for "boom")
Chinese 奔奔
Bēn Bēn
Same as Japanese Name,Means'Run Run'
German Bumm Bumm -
Italian Boom-Boom -
Korean 부웅부웅
Portuguese Bum Bum Bum is an onomatopoeia for slam.
Spanish Bum Bum -


  • Many fans argue that the fortress obstacles themselves were harder than the Boom-Boom fight.