Mega Goomba (species)

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Mega Goomba

Mega Mario up against a Mega Goomba.
First appearance New Super Mario Bros. (2006) (Beta Only)
Mario Party 10 (2015)
Latest appearance Mario Party: Star Rush (2016)
Variant of Goomba
Grand Goomba
Hefty Goomba
Big Galoomba
Notable members
Mega Goomba
This article is about the Mega Goomba species. For information about the boss from New Super Mario Bros., see here. For the main Giant Goombas, see here.

Mega Goombas are gigantic versions of Goomba that are bigger than Grand Goombas. In fact, they are the biggest species of Goombas. They are also among the rarest species of Goombas. Typically Mega Goombas are regular Goombas that have been enlarged by a certain means such as through Kamek's magic.[1]


New Super Mario Bros.

Mega Goombas appear in the beta version of New Super Mario Bros. here, they appear to be massive versions of Goomba that increase in size once in contact with a Mushroom. They appeared to pose a much larger threat than your everyday average Goomba. Since the Mushroom element was removed from the game, so was the Mega Goomba however a Mega Goomba boss appears in the game.

Mario Golf: World Tour

Although Mega Goombas don't appear in Mario Golf: World Tour, a regular-sized Goomba that appears to be larger can be seen in Wiggler Park however this is a regular sized Goomba that appears larger due to the characters being smaller.

Mario Party 10

An Angry Mega Goomba!

The Mega Goomba makes its first Mario Party appearance in Mario Party 10, where it is one of the game's bosses. Its boss minigame, Mega Goomba's Ladder Leap involves players climbing up to a higher platform and jumping down onto it to deal damage.

Mario Party: Star Rush

A Mega Goomba makes an appearance in Mario Party: Star Rush, as the first boss. His boss minigame, Mega Goomba's Bad Dream, has the players collect 25 apples when he is asleep. When Mega Goomba stops sleeping, players need to collect another 25 apples, though he attacks players who approach the apple pile. After the minigame ends, a butterfly appears and Mega Goomba chases it. In Toad Scramble mode, the winner gets one Star (two Stars if it is fought as the final boss of the board).

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash Enemy
Mega Goomba
Max HP 116
Attack 33
Defense 0
Location(s) Mondo Woods
Moves Head Attack (33)
Group Attack (33)
Blowback Attack (116)

Mega Goombas are enemies fought in Mondo Woods of Paper Mario: Color Splash. The Mega Goombas were originally normal-sized Goombas until they were enlargened by Kamek's magic. Mega Goombas attack by jumping on Mario, doing 33 HP of damage. They are far more powerful than standard Goombas. They are still less threatening than the Micro-Goombas found in Sacred Woods which can be especially deadly when found in Small Goomba Gangs.


  1. ^ "A Goomba that Kamek enlarged." - Mega Goomba's name description, Mario Party: Star Rush