Entrance to Subspace

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Entrance to Subspace
General information
Bosses None

The Entrance to Subspace is a level in the Subspace Emissary in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

It begins shortly after the Subspace Gunship emerges from Subspace, piloted by Ganondorf and Bowser. The ship's huge blaster shoots a purple laser out towards the mainland, sucking a portion of it into Subspace. Ganondorf then sees the Halberd coming across the horizon, and he and Bowser engage the ship in combat, exchanging laser fire until the Subspace Gunship's blaster shoots through the middle of the Halberd, destroying it. The Falcon Flyer, the Hocotate Ship, an Arwing, and Samus' Starship appear from the inside of the Halberd, intending to assault the Gunship. It begins firing at the heroes, who dodge every shot. Enraged, Ganondorf and Bowser order the Gunship's laser to be charged again, but before it can fire, Kirby appears out of nowhere, riding Dragoon, directing it through the Gunship, causing it to burst into flames and a large section falls into the ocean below. Bowser and Ganondorf both turn and walk into Subspace, and the heroes give pursuit.

After making it into Subspace, all characters taunt, and the player selects four characters to venture through Subspace, which is relatively short. In the meantime, Ganondorf shoots Bowser with a Dark Cannon and heads to what looks like a cliff. Master Hand appears, and Ganondorf bows, looks up a little, and notices strings of light controlling Master Hand. Ganondorf looks up farther and sees a blue figure, known as Tabuu, from whom the strings emanate, and proceeds to charge toward the being. Tabuu easily deflects the attack and sends Ganondorf back down to the cliff. Ganondorf lands on Master Hand during his descent, which severs the bonds Tabuu placed on it. Curling into a fist, Master Hand charges toward Tabuu but is deflected by a force field. He slams into the ground and does not move for the remainder of the game. The heroes encountered through the game then meet Tabuu, ready to engage him in combat, though before the heroes are able to do so, Tabuu extends his wings and unleashes a devastating Off Waves attack, which turns everyone into trophies simultaneously.

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Stage Clear Reward

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