The Lake Shore

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The Lake Shore
General information
Bosses False Peach/Zelda

The Lake Shore is a Subspace Emissary level in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Here, Kirby leaves Peach (or Zelda) behind, only for her to get shot by Bowser. Then, the false Bowser decomposes into the ground and reaches the princess, rendering her "False". Link/Pit attacks the False Princess, as Yoshi/Mario follows him. From a distance, Pit/Yoshi and Mario/Link overhear them fighting; Mario/Link gets the wrong idea when he sees the Princess turned into a trophy, so the four fight. After one of the teams is turned into trophies, King Dedede drives by in a carrier (which he stole from Wario earlier) and snatches the defeated trophies. Just then, Kirby turns the defeated team back to normal. While King Dedede is distracted, Pit/Link pops one of the carrier's tires with an arrow. King Dedede flees the scene; the heroes track him down.

As the group chases King Dedede, who has the Zelda/Peach trophy, the Ness trophy, and the Luigi trophy, they arrive at a tunnel where they find King Dedede's carrier left behind. They venture through the cave, fighting enemies and dodging obstacles such as spikes, bottomless pits and crushing rock walls, eventually arriving at the back of the cave. From there, King Dedede's Castle can be seen sitting atop a hill, with the Halberd flying behind it.

Meanwhile, Ganondorf instructs Bowser to lead his Koopa Troop to King Dedede's castle where the stolen trophies are located.

Whichever princess was saved in the first stage of the game decides whether the player plays as Link and Yoshi in the first battle or Mario and Pit, though only one cutscene is unlocked per game, meaning if the player were to change them in the same file, they would only change the first battle and they would not unlock the alternate cutscene.

Playable characters

  • Kirby
  • Link
  • Mario
  • Pit
  • Yoshi


Stage Clear Reward

  • None

Songs played in this stage (in order of appearance)

Castle/Boss Fortress (Super Mario World/SMB 3)
Step: The Plain
Step: The Cave