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Not to be confused with Unera.
Unira artwork from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Unira (known as Sea Urchins in localized versions of Clu Clu Land) are a type of sea urchin serving as the main antagonists of Clu Clu Land. In the game, they have taken all of Clu Clu Land's gold bars and try to stop the game's protagonist, Bubbles, from getting them back.

The first appearance of Unira in a Mario-related game is in WarioWare: Twisted!, in the microgame Clu Clu Land. They later appear in WarioWare: Smooth Moves, which features another microgame of the same name.

Unira later appear as items in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which refer to them under their Japanese name. Unira can be picked up and tossed at opposing players. After being thrown, its spikes pop out damaging all except the one who threw it. When players stand close enough to it, it draws them toward itself. An Unira can change who it is pulling if it is attacked. For example, if a player throws it, the Unira harms the player; however, if an opponent attacks the Unira, it then causes harm to the player while not damaging the opponent.

Profiles and statistics

Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy

Name Image Game Description
Unira File:BrawlTrophy526.png NES Clu Clu Land In Clu Clu Land, the Unira hid gold ingots in an underwater maze, then tried to stop Bubbles from getting them. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, you can attack an Unira to send it bouncing away. Any fighter it hits will go sprawling. If it hits a wall, it'll bounce back, and if you hit it with a powerful attack, it will transfer the attack to whomever it hits and launch them.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U trophy

Name Image Appears in NTSC-U Description PAL Description
Unira File:UniraTrophyWiiU.png NES Clu Clu Land (10/1985) What a cute little creature! You just want to... Oh, wait—those spikes aren't just for show! Once thrown or attacked, its spikes extend out and hurt anyone but the character who threw it. Attacking it again can make the spikes retract, so you could even throw it back at the original owner. This blue ball's looks can be deceiving! When you throw or attack it, sharp spikes burst out and turn it into a real prickly nuisance! If you're the one who triggered it, though, don't worry - you're safe. With that in mind, stick it to a wall or ceiling in a narrow spot to really do some damage!

Blue indicates exclusive to the Wii U version.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit

Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
Unira File:SSBU Unira Spirit.png Clu Clu Land Series Support (1) Novice Unira Equipped Spirit Board Kirby ×4 Rule: Item Tidal Wave; Item: Unira
  • Certain items will appear in large numbers
  • The enemy is easily distracted by items
75 m Clu Clu Land


Names in other languages


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウニラ
Shared with Urchin
German Unira Unira
Italian Pungifix From "pungere" (to sting) and an alterate form of "fissare" (to fix, to attach)
Russian Унира