The Great Maze

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The Great Maze
General information
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The Great Maze is the final level of Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary. After the whole World of Trophies is sent to Subspace, Tabuu combines all the levels of the game and mixes them all together to create one large maze which has parts from all the levels all the characters have been in. The heroes of the game are forced to go through this large maze. However, to beat this level, the player must not go to a goal. To beat it, the player must fight False Character versions of all the characters in the game (excluding Toon Link, Wolf O'Donnell, Sonic the Hedgehog and Jigglypuff). In addition, the player must also defeat all the bosses encountered in the game (excluding Master Hand and Crazy Hand).

Tabuu combining the worlds into the Great Maze
The door leading to the Final Battle

There is no specific order that the player must beat all the enemies – the player can also choose to play as any character they wants. Also, there are various Check Points throughout the maze which the player can save, get back lost characters, adjust stickers, and change characters. The checkpoints are indicated by the Super Smash Bros. emblem mounted on a trophy stand. After the player has defeated all the "dark" characters and all the bosses again, the player opens a large purple door which leads to Tabuu and the Final Battle begins. After the player beats Tabuu, the Great Maze is spread apart and all the levels and locations of the Smash World are returned to their normal state. A map of the Great Maze can be accessed any time by pressing the Start button.

Playable characters

All characters that the player has saved in the previous level, Subspace, are playable. If the player has saved no characters, then only King Dedede, Kirby, Luigi, Ness, Bowser and Sonic the Hedgehog are available, however Sonic only appears before the boss fight with Tabuu.


Stage Clear Reward

Name in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大迷宮
Great Labyrinth
French Le grand labyrinthe
German Großes Labyrinth
Italian Il grande labirinto
Spanish El gran laberinto