The Forest

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This article is about a Subspace Emissary stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For information about the second area of Donkey Kong, see Forest (Donkey Kong). For the fifth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns, see Forest (Donkey Kong Country Returns).
The Forest
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General information
Bosses None

The Forest is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl encountered during the Subspace Emissary.

In the story, Link walks alongside Navi to the Master Sword, and pulls it out of its base. As the two proceed, they walk past Yoshi, who is sleeping on a tree stump. The Halberd then flies above them, causing the sky to turn red. A group of Primids appears before them. Yoshi wakes up and stands besides Link, and after engaging and defeating the Primids, the two continue together.

The background of the stage features several trees that slowly thins out to show the open sky. Bundles of tree leaves and scattered logs are used as platforms, and some ruins are found near the stage's end. Once Tabuu is defeated, the stage can be returned to in order to face Toon Link. Beating him unlocks him as a playable character in Subspace Emissary and in all other game modes.


At the stage's start, a few Primids are battled before a floating platform is reached, with more enemies there. Nearby, a Puppit and a Bucculus are found near some fallen trees. Past the trees, another group of enemies appear, this time with bottomless pits scattered around them. Going though a door found afterwards leads to some more enemies (including Trowlons, Tickens, and Auroross) lurking on some tree stumps. A tall cliff is then jumped over using some nearby springs. After another fight, the player comes across some ruin walls with bomb blocks around them. Past the ruins, some Mites, Feyeshes, and Shellpods are fought along the path before entering a small stony room. A nearby switch creates some platforms, enabling access to the upper area. Continuing along the path eventually leads to the stage's exit.

Playable characters

  • Link
  • Yoshi


Stage Clear Reward

  • Link and Yoshi join.
  • Toon Link becomes playable (after beating Tabuu).

Songs (in order of appearance)

  • Hidden Mountain & Forest