The Ruined Zoo

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The Ruined Zoo
General information
Bosses Porky
File:Lucas Running.jpg
Lucas running from Wario.

The Ruined Zoo is an area in the Subspace Emissary mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In the first cutscene of this area, Lucas is strolling through the Ruined Zoo, depressed. As he looks above, he sees the Halberd, which releases Shadow Bugs that start turning into Primids. The Porky Statue appears, and Lucas runs away in fright, setting off the beginning of a stage, where the player must run from the statue. After reaching the end, another cutscene starts. Lucas trips on a twig, when the Porky Statue comes close to stepping on Lucas, but the statue is blown to the ground by PK Thunder, launched by Ness. Ness lands in-front of Lucas, but then jumps back up and attacks the statue with PK Flash, destroying it. It reveals Porky, initiating a boss battle. Lucas and Ness win, but they then notice Wario with a Dark Cannon. Wario starts shooting Ness with the gun, who dodges the shots. Wario turns and is about to shoot at Lucas, but Ness jumps and pushes Lucas out of the way, turning Ness into a trophy. Wario jumps down and laughs as he grabs the trophy. Lucas runs, looking back to the frightening image of Wario laughing maniacly as lightning strikes. He runs into Pokémon Trainer, who gestures to some more Primids. The Trainer releases Squirtle, who helps Lucas through the remainder of the stage. After making it through the stage, Pokémon Trainer walks away after giving a thumbs up to Lucas. Lucas, thinking about Ness, runs to Pokémon Trainer, forming a team.

Playable Characters

  • Lucas
  • Ness
  • Pokémon Trainer


Stage Clear Reward

  • Lucas and Pokémon Trainer with Squirtle join.

Background Music (in order of appearance)

Porky's Theme (continues from "The Pig King Statue Targets Lucas" movie)
Porky's Theme (continues from "Ness and Porky Face Off" movie)
Wild Pokémon Battle! (Diamond / Pearl)
Team Galactic Battle!