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A Trophy Stand

Trophy Stands are items in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in the adventure mode of the game, The Subspace Emissary. They are basically the bottom part of a trophy. Since the player cannot get certain Subspace Emissary enemy trophies by other means, the player needs this item to turn them into collectible trophies.

File:Trophy Stand Brawl screenshot.jpg
The Trophy Stand turned the Towtow into a Towtow trophy.

The player has to find an enemy, and pay attention to its health meter. Then when the health meter is low, the player must throw the trophy stand at the enemy, and the enemy becomes a trophy that can be taken and seen in the Trophy Gallery. Some weak enemies can be captured regardless of how much damage it has taken.

Trophy Stands can also be used on bosses, although the player has to weaken the boss's health low enough that throwing the stand will defeat the boss. When capturing one, a lower-pitched version of the capture sound effect plays instead, signifying that it captured a much larger and more powerful enemy. Once the boss is captured, the screen will still eventually fade out as if it was defeated normally; failing to claim its trophy before the battle ends will not include it into the Vault.

On a side note, not all enemies can be turned into trophies with Trophy Stands. Also, some bosses have alternate forms, which cannot be earned through Trophy Stands; they are earned by clearing certain challenges instead.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy

Name Image Game Description
Trophy Stand File:BrawlTrophy141.png Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl An item that, when hurled at Subspace goons, will turn whomever it hits into a trophy. Trophies can be collected, then viewed in the gallery. To successfully get an enemy, you need to hit it when it's been sufficiently weakened. If you can skillfully manipulate your foe's damage, you can even capture a boss character.