Dream Land GB

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File:SSB4 3DS GameBoy.jpg
The start of the Dream Land GB stage as it appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
File:Dream Land GB SSBU.png
Dream Land GB as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Dream Land GB (formerly known as simply Dream Land) is an unlockable stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and a starter stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, based on the Game Boy title Kirby's Dream Land. In addition to taking place on the game's stages, the stage also features Game Boy monochrome graphics, as well as a Game Boy system bordering it, similarly to how the Flat Zone series of stages takes place on a Game & Watch. By holding L Button when selecting the stage, the stage is shown in black and white monochrome rather than the green monochrome. The stage can be unlocked in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS by using Kirby's Final Smash. In Ultimate, the stage was renamed to its current name to be distinguished from the stage of the same name from the Nintendo 64 game.

When the fighters are appearing onscreen, the stage starts off with the Game Boy boot-up screen. The stage then automatically cuts to Green Greens, the first stage in Kirby's Dream Land, outside the first door in the game. After a while, the stage starts to move, the stage featuring two ledges with a bottomless pit in between and ending at the ledge where the first Warp Star would be.

At this point the stage takes one of several forms based on the game's levels. One of these forms is Castle Lololo, the game's second stage. This portion of the stage is set outside the castle, with three floating platforms all near the door, one platform under the door and another platform on the other side of the stage. The stage may also move inside the castle, three platforms and two doors on the bottom and top of the stage.

The stage can also change into Float Islands, the game's third stage. This portion starts off at the area with the ship, and scrolls across to a platform with a pair of higher ledges.

When the stage turns into Bubbly Clouds, the fourth stage in Kirby's Dream Land, the stage takes place on a set of cloudy platforms, two on left side, one on the other side, and a floating cloud platform above on the right side of the stage. The stage then moves to another set of platforms, another platform now on the right side of the stage and two in the center.

The stage can also change to Mt. Dedede, the game's final level. The stage can either turn into the wrestling ring where King Dedede is fought in the original game, or the boss rush room, which features two higher up ledges where the Whispy Woods and Kracko doors are.

The Battlefield and Final Destination forms of the stage are set at the beginning of the Green Greens portion of the stage. While the stage is still stylized to look like Kirby's Dream Land, the stage now visibly appears in full 3D, and the Game Boy foreground no longer appears.


Name Source Credits
Green Greens
Castle Lololo
Float Islands
Bubbly Clouds
Mt. Dedede
Kirby's Dream Land Original
Green Greens Ver. 2 Kirby's Dream Land Arrangement: Masashi Hamauzu
Composition: HAL Laboratory, Inc.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プププランド GB
Pupupu Rando GB
Pupupu Land GB
Chinese 噗噗噗之國 GB (Traditional)
噗噗噗之国GB (Simplified)
Pūpūpū zhī guó GB
Pupupu Country GB
German Dream Land (GB) Dream Land (GB)
Italian Dream Land GB -
Korean 푸푸푸랜드 GB
Pupupu Laendeu GB
Pupupu Land GB
Russian Страна грез (GB)
Strana grez (GB)
Country of Dreams (GB)
Spanish Dream Land (GB) Dream Land (GB)