Monty Tank

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Not to be confused with Mole Tank.
Monty Tank
General information
Species Monty Mole/Tank
First appearance New Super Mario Bros. (2006)

Monty Tank[1] is the boss of World 6 from New Super Mario Bros. Like his name suggests, Monty Tank is a Monty Mole who drives a giant green tank.

When Mario or Luigi arrives at the castle, Monty Tank bumps into either of the two plumbers from behind before starting the boss fight. In-battle, the tank shoots out several Bullet Bills, with Mario or Luigi needing to stomp the Monty Mole's head three times. The Monty Mole's head is exposed when he comes out of the tank to throw Bob-ombs at the player, making him vulnerable to attacks. These Bob-ombs can also be thrown at the Monty Mole while his head is exposed to cause damage. Each time the tank is hit, it will spin and quickly move back and forth along the ground. While doing so, the tank makes an alarm sound go off and fires Bullet Bills from its turrets (though the amount of turrets depends on how many times Monty Tank has been damaged). Each time Monty Tank is damaged, an extra Bullet Bill shooting turret is added to the tank, making it taller and harder to hit the Monty Mole's head. After 3 hits, the tank explodes and makes the Monty Mole fall off the screen, leaving a key behind as well that allows Mario or Luigi to progress. Like the other bosses in the game, a ground pound counts as two hits; if Mario or Luigi uses a ground pound on the first hit, two turrets will be added, while ground pounding or jumping on the second hit will immediately defeat the tank. Mario and Luigi can also defeat Monty Tank by just jumping onto the tank using a Mega Mushroom. The tank is invincible when the Monty Mole's head is not exposed, though if the player stands on top of the tank, it spins back and forth to get them off it, while firing Bullet Bills and its alarm sound going off (similar to when Monty Tank is damaged).


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョロプータンク[2]
Choropū Tanku
Monty Mole Tank
German Monty-Panzer Monty Tank
Italian Talparmato Mix between "Talpa" (Mole) and "carro armato" (tank)
Spanish (Europe) Tanque Monty Monty Tank


  • While internal data labels choropu (Monty Mole) separate from chorotank (Monty Tank), the Player's Guide attributes the name "Monty Tank" to the Monty Mole himself.
  • Monty Tank is similar to the Monty Mole boss in Super Mario Sunshine, who similarly made use of Bullet Bill-shooting weapons and throwing Bob-ombs.
    • Monty Tank is also the second Monty Mole boss in the series.


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