A Light in the Dark

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A Light in the Dark
Level code Secret 3
Game(s) Yoshi's Island DS
Difficulty Very Hard
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A Light in the Dark is the secret level of the third world in Yoshi's Island DS that is played by a Black Yoshi. It takes place in a warehouse lit by many torches. The level may be the most difficult one in the whole game.

Level Layout

Area 1

Yoshi starts the level near a staircase which the player must go up; then he can continue going right after getting to the top to find more stairs to go down. After that, Yoshi must then jump over a spike pit, collecting Red Coins along the way. Yoshi will find a room inhabited by four Piranha Plants and a flower. A chain is nearby which must then be traversed using Baby Donkey Kong , he will then find a Middle Ring and then access Area 2.

Area 2

After entering Area 2, Yoshi will have to use rubber balls to bounce to a higher area, then jump over a gap and use the Arrow Lift to get past a slew of enemies. Once he gets past them, he can grab a key from the vase. Afterwards, Yoshi goes down a huge drop, and uses the Arrow Lift to continue again until he nears a door. The door will lead back to the area he began in, and Yoshi must use the Stork Stop to continue, switching to Baby Mario. Yoshi must then jump into a narrow path, encountering a Middle Ring, a bunch of enemies, and spikes. At the end, Yoshi must break another vase to get another key. Yoshi must then jump across a long abyss to get to a locked door. The player must then enter the door to access area 3.

Area 3

At the beginng of Area 3 is a Middle Ring, as well as a hut for Yoshi to obtain skis. He then skis down the slope for a while until the end of the skiing area,after skiing Yoshi must jump over a few small ledges and platforms before making it to the Goal Ring and ending the level.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くらやみにひをともせ!
Kurayami ni Hi wo Tomose!
Light Fires in the Darkness!
German Ein Licht im Dunkeln A Light in the Dark