Catch the Breeze

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Catch the Breeze
Level code 1-5
Game(s) Yoshi's Island DS
Difficulty Easy
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Catch the Breeze is Level 1-5 in Yoshi's Island DS. It is the first appearance of Baby Peach as a playable character, and also the first appearance of Stork Stops.

The wind, which Baby Peach is able to manipulate so the Yoshi could float on, is prominently featured in this level, even though this is not its first appearance; wind is previously seen at the end of Level 1-3, Mario's Fleet Feet. In the first section of the level, Yoshi can go through a pipe to get a Flower which is in plain sight. The small cave area also has some Shy Guys strolling around, making for an easy egg supply. When Yoshi gets out of the pipe, he sees the first Stork Stop in the game and he can now switch between Baby Mario and Baby Peach, the latter one needed to progress through the level. Baby Peach can then ride a wind gust to get to the next area. The second section features a Middle Ring and uses mainly wind gusts going straight up to get to high places containing Red Coins or Flowers, but there is also one diagonal-blowing wind. To obtain a Baby Peach Character Coin, the player must use this diagonal wind to achieve enough height to climb up some Donut Blocks to the Character Coin. After a few more wind gusts, Yoshi reaches the Goal Ring.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かぜにのってすすめ!
Kaze ni Notte Susume!
Ride the Wind and Advance!
French Prenez l'air Take the Air
German Rückenwind Following Wind
Italian Sulle ali del Vento
Spanish ¡Atrapa esa Brisa! Catch This Breeze!