Hit the M Blocks!

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Hit the M Blocks!
Level code 1-2
Game(s) Yoshi's Island DS
Difficulty Easy
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Hit the M Blocks! is level 1-2 in the game Yoshi's Island DS. A Pink Yoshi plays this level.


Area 1

The first area of the level is dry land and open country. Six Crazee Dayzees walk along the lower ground. A Red Coin is found immediately above three of the many M Blocks scattered around this level. Also, another Red Coin is on the main path near a Crazee Dayzee. Hitting another M Block creates a Sunflower. Hopping up the leaves of this Sunflower leads to a platform with the first Flower and a Red Coin Fly Guy. Right of the platform is another platform, with a Red Coin and an M Block containing two Stars. Dropping right down some spinning platforms leads to a ?-cloud, containing five more Stars. A Hint Block says about throwing eggs at Coins and Flowers to collect them. Two of the high up coins above Yoshi at this point are Red Coins. There is a Warp Pipe here which leads to area 2.

Area 2

The second area is an underground cave. Dropping right off the starting platform leads to several Mushroom Platforms, as well as Lantern Ghosts and two more Red Coins. More Mushroom Platforms and Lantern Ghosts, as well as another Red Coin and the second Flower high up above Yoshi are to the right of here. Right of there is a Lantern Ghost-producing pipe. Right again from the pipe is another Lantern Ghost, and an M Block containing a bouncy arrow. In the secret section above is a bunch of Coins (none red), a hidden ?-cloud containing five more Stars, and a Baby Peach Character Coin which the player can come back to get after level 1-5. Down and to the right of this section is more Mushroom Platforms, several Nipper Plants, a Red Coin Fly Guy, a Middle Ring and an M Block containing a bouncy arrow. Above the arrow are three Red Coins and to the right of them are Lantern Ghosts and a key on a balloon, which allows the player to enter the minigame hut to the left. The hut leads to the minigame Flutter Challenge. Continuing right leads to a bouncy arrow, which bounces the player to area 3.

Areas 3 & 4

The third area is back on dry land and open country. An M Block containing a Sunflower is immediately right. Up the Sunflower is a platform. A very high up ?-cloud is here, which when hit activates the stairs to the left. Up the stairs is a Red Coin and a Warp Pipe to Area 4, a cloudy area. In Area 4 is a ?-switch, which activates Shadow Coins and rising rocks. At the end of the trail is the third Flower. Back down the Warp Pipe in Area 3, and to the right, are four Spring Plants. Between the second and third plants are two Red Coins. Jumping on the fourth plant exposes the level's fourth Flower. Up the platform is some M Blocks and an Egg Block. Above is a ?-cloud containing five Stars if they are necessary, and then the player can hop on the wheel of spinning platforms and onto the humongous one. The last four Red Coins are along the track, and at the peak is a ?-cloud containing the fifth and final Flower. The Goal Ring is immediately right of here.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たたけ!Mブロック!!
Tatake! Emu Burokku!!
Hit! M Block!!
French Touchez les Blocs M! Touch the M Blocks!
German Entdecke die M-blöcke! "Discover the M Blocks"
Italian Colpisci i blocchi M! You hit the M Blocks!
Spanish ¡Golpea los Bloques M! Hit the M Blocks!