Quit it Already, Tap-Tap!

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Template:Level Quit it Already, Tap-Tap! is the final extra level in Yoshi's Island DS, and last in order in the game. As the title suggests, there are Tap-Taps in all four areas – in three, a Super Big Tap-Tap.


White Yoshi begins the level near a Stork Stop and a ! Switch. He must run on various ! Blocks and land pieces, while a Super Big Tap-Tap tries to crush him. After running at a certain time, the dinosaur rides a platform to grab a Flower and reach on the top of a wall to proceed to the second area. Yoshi can also just wait at the starting point after hitting the ! Switch as the Super Big Tap-Tap just rolls by harmlessly. After waiting for about a couple minutes, Yoshi can continue safely with one less problem.

Afterwards, the player must be paired with Baby Peach to be lifted by the wind until he reaches a Door, avoiding more land pieces. A Super Big Tap-Tap and purple spikes are placed in this area, too. Near the door, the player can collect another Flower.

When White Yoshi enters the door, he is led to a corridor filled with Tap-Taps. By Ground Pounding a soft soil, he goes down to an area infested with Tap-Taps, Coins and purple spikes, as well as an Egg Plant. A Flower is found near an arrow-shaped group of spikes. The arrow points to a passage that contains a Chomp Rock and many Tap-Taps. The player must get to a Mole Tank to dig his way up to a Flower and to an area with automatic vertical scroll. Dodging all the spikes, the player reaches in a tunnel with even more Tap-Taps and spikes. By entering the door at the end of the area, White Yoshi goes to an enormous area, where he rides many Mine Carts to escape a Super Big Tap-Tap, until he reaches the final area, where the GOAL! Ring is located.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もうやめて!カチカチくん
Mou Yamete! Kachikachi Kun
Quit it Already! Tap-Tap (alludes to the Japanese title of More Monkey Madness)