Underground Mysteries

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Underground Mysteries
Level code 2-2
Game(s) Yoshi's Island DS
Difficulty Medium
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Underground Mysteries is Level 2-2 of Yoshi's Island DS. The level takes place in an underground cave.


The level starts with Yoshi near a pipe which leads to a cave with a Chomp Rock and a Stork Stop nearby. Baby Donkey Kong's DK Dash Attack is needed to get past some nearby soft rock and into the next area. Here, the player must get through a narrow passageway filled with Piranha Plants and become a Mole Tank to smash through more soft rock. The Yoshi must hit the Yoshi Block and continue to another area where some enemies, a Stork Stop, and a Middle Ring await. Now, all three babies and their respective abilities must be used to get to a pipe leading to the overworld. The player must get past a Windbag and some Stilt Guys to reach the GOAL! Ring.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あなを ほってすすめ!
Ana wo Hotte Susume!
Dig Holes and Advance!
German Wühlgrotte "Grub Grotto" (compound of wühlen "to grub" and Grotte "grotto")