Return of the Moving Chomp Rock!

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Return of the Moving Chomp Rock!
Level code Extra 1
Game(s) Yoshi's Island DS
Difficulty Hard
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Return of the Moving Chomp Rock! is the first extra level in Yoshi's Island DS. Obviously, the main items in the level are Chomp Rocks, both grey and brown.


The level starts in an area with a Chomp Rock which the Yoshi can use to get past some enemies and obstacles. However, Yoshi sometimes has to remove obstacles himself and then continue with rolling the rock. Eventually, a door takes the Yoshi to another area with a Middle Ring, another Chomp Rock, some more enemies, and a Stork Stop. After navigating the area and crossing some spikes, Yoshi reaches the GOAL! Ring.



Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もってけワンワンいわ リターンズ
Motteke Wanwan Iwa Ritānzu
"Take that! Chomp Rock Returns", referencing the Japanese name of Chomp Rock Zone from the original Yoshi's Island
German Lästige Leitungen "Annoying Pathways"