Ba-dum BUM!

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Ba-dum BUM!
Level code 1-1
Game(s) Yoshi's Island DS
Difficulty Very Easy
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Ba-dum BUM! is the first level in Yoshi's Island DS. It is very similar to Make Eggs, Throw Eggs from the games predecessor, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


In this level, Yoshi starts out going straight and running into some Shy Guys. After the Shy Guys, Yoshi finds a Flower. Next is more Shy Guys and a Winged Cloud. Hit the Winged Cloud with an Yoshi Egg|Egg]] to create a staircase. Up on this platform, Yoshi finds another Flower and another platform he can jump to to get three Red Coins. Afterward, Yoshi jumps off the platform and defeats a Pirahna Plant with an egg. Yoshi jumps on a Pipe and finds another Red Coins. In the pipe, Yoshi uses Baby Mario's dash ability to collect a hoard of Coins. After collecting the coins, Yoshi leaves the cave. After exiting the cave, Yoshi finds a Red Coin nearby and hits the Expansion Block to jump up onto a ledge. From the ledge, Yoshi jumps back across to get another Red Coin and run into another Winged Cloud. Yoshi hits it with an egg to reveal five stars. Afterward, he jumps back to find a Pinwheel with some coins on it, some that are Red Coins. Yoshi jumps off to the left to find a Flower and gets back on the pinwheel to jump up onto a ledge. Here, Yoshi finds some more coins with a Red Coin mixed in. He then jumps down to reveal a hidden Winged Cloud with five more stars in it. Yoshi then jumps back onto the ledge and finds a pipe with Shy Guys coming out of it and a Flower. Yoshi continues to find an Crazee Dayzee and a Winged Cloud. Yoshi kills the Crazee Dayzee and hits the Winged Cloud to grow a Giant Flower. At the top of the Flower, Yoshi finds a pinwheel with more coins on it, some of which are Red Coins. He then jumps off to the left and hits another Winged Cloud, which reveals a staircase that leads to a clifftop with three Red Coins, a Flower, and a Fly Guy with an Extra Life. Yoshi heads back to the right of the pinwheel and gets to the Middle Ring. After that, a Windbag blows a bunch of Nipper Plant spores at Yoshi. Yoshi dodges them and finds another pipe to enter. Inside the pipe is a Character Coin. Yoshi exits the pipe, and moves along, encountering several Shy Guys and Glide Guys. He also finds the last few Red Coins and a Winged Cloud containing five stars. After that, Yoshi goes through the GOAL! Ring and finishes the level.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴをつくってなげろ
Tamago wo Tsukutte Nagero
"Make and Throw Eggs", the same as Make Eggs, Throw Eggs from the original Yoshi's Island
French Badaboum!
German Schokohügel "Chocolate Hills", the same as Make Eggs, Throw Eggs from the original Yoshi's Island
Italian Badabum!
Spanish ¡Ba-dum BUM!