Tap-Tap's Sunken Cave

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Template:Level Tap-Tap's Sunken Cave is a level in Yoshi's Island DS. This cave is inhabited by several Tap-Taps. The level of the water will rise and lower during great parts of the level. The last part of the cave is in a lava area.


The beginning of the level is a small meadow, inhabiting only a few Tap-Taps. In this screen, Yoshi must push a crate onto an orange switch panel; when performed correctly, two metal rods will unlock and allow access to a pit. Once the player has entered the pit, Yoshi will land inside of a small, dank, watery cave inhabited by bats. Here, Yoshi will find a winged cloud; once the winged cloud is broken, a Warp Pipe will appear allowing access to a deeper area of the cave.

In this lower part of the cave, large mobile rocks parade around; Yoshi must avoid these large rocks in order to continue forth in the level. Yoshi will eventually find another warp pipe that leads to an even deeper section of the cave.

In this part of the cave, Yoshi encounters rising water levels. He must avoid multiple Tap-Taps and Gusties in order to continue in the level.

Once Yoshi makes it past this area of the cave, he will enter the final section of the cave. In this section of the cave, Yoshi must be carrying Baby Mario in order to pass. Yoshi must run at a very high speed from a Super Big Tap-Tap. The Tap-Tap will continuously tumble after Yoshi, destroying the path along its way. If Yoshi falls from the path, he will land in a large river of lava. Once Yoshi reaches the end of the path, he must Flutter Jump onto a safe area of land, from which he can reach the goal, thus ending the level.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カチカチのいるかいていどうくつ
Kachikachi no Iru Kaitei Dōkutsu
The Undersea Cave where Tap-Tap is
German Sog der Gezeiten Undertow of Tides