Baby DK, the Jungle King!

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Template:Level Baby DK, the Jungle King!, is the first level of World 2 in Yoshi's Island DS. This level introduces Baby Donkey Kong. This level begins with Grinders kidnapping Baby Mario and Baby Peach and Baby Donkey Kong falling onto Yoshi's back. After Yoshi finishes the level, Baby Mario and Baby Peach are freed and Baby Donkey Kong stays with the team for the rest of the game. This level introduces Baby Donkey Kong's abilities, such as climbing vines and swinging from ropes.


Yoshi and Baby Donkey Kong begin the level near a bunch of vines hanging on the ceiling, with some Grinders climbing said vines. Some coins, including red coins can be collected in these vines, using Baby DK's abilities. After utilizing the vines to cross a tall platform, Yoshi finds a Hint Block, telling him about Baby DK's ability of swinging in vines. This ability must be used ahead, as Baby DK must swing in a vine to reach a tall platform. In a small alcove, Yoshi can simply find two Nipper Plants. Some Grinders can be found ahead of here, either running or hanging in the walls. Yoshi must utilize another swinging vine to progress. Some Piranha Plants can be found in this area, along with some vines that Yoshi needs to use in order to proceed. Yoshi can use the Baby DK's Dash Attack to reach a small area to the west, where he can find some coins, and a locked door. The key to open this door is found been carried by a Baron von Zeppelin.

Yoshi eventualy encounters Piranha Plants, Grinders and Nipper Plants in his way, as well as a Winged Cloud which, when hit, release stars. A pipe spawning Shy Guys and Baron von Zeppelins holding items can be found ahead of here. Most of these balloon foes hold harmful Needlenoses, but one of them actually holds a key. Following this is a crate, which must be pushed to allow Yoshi to reach a vine on the ceiling. Yoshi must use Baby DK to climb all the way up to the next section

Once Yoshi reaches the top, he finds a Middle Ring, a Hint Block telling him how to swing on vines, and a swinging vine that must be used to not only collect red coins, but also reach a tall platform. Another nearby vine hanging on the ceiling can be used to reach some red coins. Yoshi must follow the path, while dealing with Piranha Plants, Grinders and Nipper Plants, until he reaches an area with several vines. Yoshi can climb these vines to reach a small area in the ceiling with red coins. In this area, there is a Flower hidden on top of a bunch of red destructable blocks in the ceiling, easily destroyed by one of Yoshi's explosive eggs. Another Flower can be collected the same way, just ahead.

The next section involves Yoshi utilizing Baby DK's Dash Attack to destroy rows of Spring Plants, which block the hero's path. Yoshi can discover another secret area on the ceiling, but, the only way to reach it is by using Baby Peach to catch a wind current. Yoshi can also find a Flower nearby, and, to collect it, Yoshi must swing in a vine. The GOAL! Ring is located ahead of this vine. When Yoshi completes this level, he finally catches up with the Grinders responsible for kidnaping Baby Mario and Baby Peach, and simply uses his Dash Attack to defeat them, thus rescuing Baby Mario and Baby Peach.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もりのおうじゃDK!
Mori no Ōja Dīkē
King of the Jungle DK
German Der König des Dschungels "King of the Jungle"