Yoshi on Stilts

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Yoshi on Stilts
Level code 2-7
Game(s) Yoshi's Island DS
Difficulty Easy
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Yoshi on Stilts is seventh level in World 2 in the game Yoshi's Island DS. This level is where Yoshi first uses the Stilts.


This level starts in a jungle area with water at the bottom. Yoshi can take a top or bottom path, the top needing Baby Donkey Kong to access. The top route has a hidden tunnel to a door to a bonus area with a Character Coin. The bottom route has a tunnel with Nipper Plants. The top route drops into the bottom route. Then, Yoshi will continue into a tunnel with more Nipper Plants and Stilt Guys. The middle of this area has a checkpoint ring. Yoshi will enter a pipe at the end of the area and enter a mantle area with lava and torches. Yoshi will need to hop on the stilts to cross. He will enter another pipe at the end of the area into another short jungle area. Yoshi has to jump over some small ponds to reach the GOAL! Ring.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たけうまにのったヨッシー
Takeuma ni Notta Yosshī
"Yoshi that Got onto Stilts"
German Feuriger Stelzenlauf "Fiery Stiltwalking"