Find the Number Ball!

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Find the Number Ball! is level 5-6 in Yoshi's Island DS. It features the Number Ball strategy which was introduced at Six Face Sal's Fort, in which the player had to collect and throw Number Balls in the correct slot with the corresponding number on the ball.


Yoshi starts the level in an area with a pipe that leads him underground to an area with some enemies and lava pools. He will eventually come upon an Egg Block and a Middle Ring next to a door which takes him to some Number Ball slots and another door. In this area, Yoshi will need to activate a Winged Cloud and climb up some stairs to find a Number Ball, and then jump into a gap to find another one. A Middle Ring is nearby, followed by a Number Ball and a Winged Cloud which needs to be activated. A key can also be gotten by striking a Winged Cloud which opens a locked door. Behind this door is a switch which stops the lava, flow, allowing the player to get the last Number Ball. When all four are put into the slots, a door appears which leads the player to the GOAL! Ring.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さがせ!すうじだま!
Sagase! Sūjidama!
Search! The Number Ball!