Yoshi's Island Easter Eggs

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Yoshi's Island Easter Eggs is the last secret level in Yoshi's Island DS. It consists of 8 rooms that contain "Easter eggs" - a unique condition or conditions that the player must overcome. There are middle rings after each room (which has a locked door and a key to enter it with to move on). There is also a Stork Stop in every room. A Message Block delivers what the Easter Egg is at the start of each room:


A short description of each room (including the Message Block text and the number of red coins and flowers found in the room) is as follows:

  1. "Steal Lakitu's cloud!"- Black Yoshi must hop on the Lakitu that appears to navigate spikes on top and bottom.
  2. "Get past the Bouncies!"- Black Yoshi must navigate a large group of Bouncies to hop across a long pit.
  3. "Be careful of fickle blocks!"- A Woozy Guy is enclosed with a switch that activates and deactivates ! Blocks over spikes. The blocks activate and deactivate in even intervals as he jumps up and down. Black Yoshi must time his jumping to get up and reach the door, on ! Blocks as well.
  4. "Let me get on it! Let me get on it!"- Black Yoshi must put four more Shy Guys on four separate switches to raise a metal bar to enter the door.
  5. "Panic in the dark!"- Soon after leaving the middle ring, Black Yoshi is enshrouded in darkness, and must use short-lasting ! Switches that provide light to navigate carefully.
  6. "Use your eggs to move the platform!"- Over more spikes, Black Yoshi must use the egg platform to move under two maces (requiring momentum) without getting stuck without eggs (which is possible).
  7. "Super-fast arrow wheels!"- Also a maze with spikes, Black Yoshi must time his jumping so that the arrow wheel is facing in a generally straight direction. If not, Yoshi may hit the top row of spikes.
  8. "Superstar Baby Mario vs. the Piranha Plants!"- This is only the fourth time the superstar is seen in the game, and also the only room that requires a certain baby. Superstar Mario must defeat all the Piranha Plants lining spikes on the floor and ceiling to raise a block.

Once the key for the last challenge is gotten, the door transports Yoshi to the GOAL! Ring.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボツネタけっさくしゅう
Botsuneta Kessaku Shū
Botsuneta Masterpiece Collection, alluding to the Japanese title of Castles - Masterpiece Set