Hector the Reflector's Haunted House

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Hector the Reflector's Haunted House
Level code 2-4
Game(s) Yoshi's Island DS
Difficulty Medium
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Hector the Reflector's Haunted House is level 2-4 of Yoshi's Island DS. It is also the third castle in the game.

The level has a Haunted House theme, as implied by the title. It introduces three new enemies; the Boo Guy, the Ghost Piranha and the Invisighoul. The first section of the haunted house is a straightforward course through Boo Guys and Ghost Piranhas. For the next section, the player must enter an Invisighoul-infested room to obtain a key, followed by riding an Arrow Wheel to a locked door. The door leads to an area with many Ghost Piranhas. The final section is again infested with Invisighouls, but this time players must ascend a room as opposed to walking east. Next is the boss battle with Hector the Reflector, a huge furnitureless Invisighoul.

BOSS: Hector the Reflector

Hector the Reflector is a massive Invisighoul. Kamek uses his magic on him to turn him invisible that he can only be seen in the mirrors reflection on the touch screen below. During the fight, Hector will move around the room as Invisighouls arrive with furniture to throw at you. You can swallow the furniture for extra eggs to shoot back at Hector. Six egg throws are enough to defeat Hector the Reflector. If you can get Hector in a lock, you can score hits on him everytime he recovers and therefore beat him with ease.

Enemies Encountered

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese びっくり!おばけやしき
Bikkuri! Obake Yashiki
Surprise! Ghost House
German Hektor Reflektors Gruselvilla "Hector the Reflector's Scary Mansion"