Welcome Back to Yoshi's Island!

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Welcome Back to Yoshi's Island!
Level code 0-1
Game(s) Yoshi's Island DS
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Welcome Back to Yoshi's Island! is the tutorial level in Yoshi's Island DS. Once completed, it is unrevisitable. The only enemies are red, blue, yellow, and green Shy Guys.

Level layout

In this level, upon pressing any button a message appears informing the player what will happen if they were to be harmed. Yoshi then starts out going straight until he runs into a Shy Guy. After a Message Block, which teaches Yoshi how to Flutter Jump, Yoshi will jump across a few pointed rock platforms before reaching two consecutive Spring Balls and reaching the end.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Bienvenue sur l'Ile de Yoshi! Welcome to Yoshi's Island!
German Willkommen zurück auf Yoshi's Island! Welcome back to Yoshi's Island!
Italian Bentornato all'Isola Yoshi! Welcome to Yoshi's Island!
Spanish ¡De vuelta en la Isla de Yoshi! Back on Yoshi's Island!