Big Bowser

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This article is about Bowser's giant transformation under the influence of magic. For information about other uses, see here.
Big Bowser
Applies to Bowser
Item needed Magic Artifact
Power(s) given Increased size
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
Latest appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)

Big Bowser is the form Bowser takes on after being powered up by a magical artifact (eg. Wand, Cauldron, etc.) in this form, Bowser is usually much stronger, has the ability to make objects rain from the sky, is more durable, etc. Big Bowser is usually defeated by hitting him on the head with objects.


Super Princess Peach

Big Bowser (known in-game as Bowser 2) appears as the last stage of the final boss battle of Super Princess Peach. After being defeated once, Bowser uses the Vibe Scepter to enlarge himself and fights Peach on what appears to be the castle roof. He attacks by slamming his hands, causing spiky balls to fall, breathing fire, and creating rings of hammers that fly outward. When he slams down both hands, several Bob-ombs will fall. Peach must pick these up and throw them at Big Bowser's face.

When Big Bowser's health is reduced to three points, he starts breathing two fireballs at once. When it drops to two, he breathes a stream of fire. When he has only one health point left, he uses the Calm vibe to restore health. Peach must attack him repeatedly to wake him up so she can deal the final blow.

New Super Mario Bros.

Big Bowser Emerges

After Bowser Jr. revives Bowser. He emerges from the cauldron as Big Bowser. The two of them then fight Mario one together. During this battle, Big Bowser attacks by walking, leaping, shooting fireballs. He eventually starts to shoot barrages of blue fire 3 or 5 at a time. However, they once again can be defeated by pressing the Skull Switch located on the other side of the room, which sends them into the pit below. Big Bowser can also be defeated from 30 fireballs and use of the Mega Mushroom or the Blue Shell.

Yoshi's Island DS

“Sir Bowser! Defeat is not an option! There's only one thing left to do...”
Kamek, Yoshi's Island DS

Big Bowser appears as the final boss of Yoshi's Island DS. After he is defeated in the level At Last, Bowser's Castle!, Bowser is enlarged by Kamek. Four differently-colored Yoshis battle him at once with the assistance of Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong and Baby Wario.

Big Bowser attacks from the background. He will attack by breathing fireballs and dropping rocks on the Yoshis. To defeat him, the team must collect Giant Eggs from Item Balloons floating by and throw all of them at Big Bowser at once. He is defeated after six hits. After his defeat, Bowser shrinks down to his normal size and is carried away by three Toadies, on Kamek's orders.

Yoshi's New Island

“Master Bowser?! NO!! You little monsters! Let me help you, my masterful Master!”
Kamek, Yoshi's New Island
Bowser defending against Yoshi

In Yoshi's New Island, Bowser appears as the hidden final boss, traveling through time to attack Yoshi in his past. He appears in the secret level Make Way for King Bowser!, unlocked after all levels are completed without Flutter Wings. Bowser is dispatched by Yoshi, but Kamek retaliates by enlarging him with his hammer. He is battled in a similar manner to Giant Baby Bowser, attacking from the background. He can breathe fireballs into the air, which rain back down, and summon Mega Guys. Kamek will also assist him by casting magic balls at Yoshi.

To defeat Big Bowser, Yoshi must swallow a Mega Guy, turning it into a Mega Eggdozer, and throw the giant egg at Bowser while he is breathing fire, as he will block the attack otherwise. After each hit, Big Bowser will slam the ground, causing section of the ground to move up and down, possibly sinking into the lava and making the battlefield uneven.

After being hit three times, Big Bowser shrinks out of view and a glowing light emerges from where he shrunk and flies into the distance, apparently Bowser himself flying to his home time.